When to Visit Dubai – Weather in Dubai

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Dubai Weather and When to Visit Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is from October to March, during those month Dubai weather is ideal, and generally speaking Dubai is hot and humid country due to its geographical location. This does not mean you should plan your Dubai holiday during this month’s only. Other months usually temperature can go up to 50° C



Summer in Dubai start from May to August, Dubai Weather during this month are extremely hot and humid with an average temperature high of 41° C and overnight low around 30° C. most of the Dubai resident and expats escape the summer heat and head for holidays especially during June and July


Winters are warm and short in Dubai Winter in Dubai start from November to February, the day is pleasant and cool with an average high temperature of 23° C. irregular rain fall also occur during this months. This is the best time to visit Dubai and the temperature from October to April are bearable so this can also be considered suitable time to visit Dubai


If you have enough time to plan to visit Dubai, the best month is January, as Dubai shopping festival is on this month, you can grab lot of amazing deals at shopping mall and global village, it is worth visiting global village, local products from more than 30 countries are available at under one roof in Dubai global village, global village start from November till April, but shopping festival is only from January to mid-February.

Dubai Weather by Months


When to visit Dubai

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