How to Pay in Dubai – Cash or Card

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How to Pay in Dubai Cash or Credit Card

Cash or Card

Tourism as a key player in Dubai’s Economy, services to the tourist in Dubai are at high standard in favors of tourists, all the options like card payment, cash payment and travelers cheque(in some extend) are available to pay for tourist services, shopping  etc. but wise use of this option can benefits you

UAE Currency

Currency in United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) is Emirati Dirham (AED), and is permanently pegged with US dollar with an exchange rate of 0.27, one USD is equivalent to 3.67 AED, cash and credit cards (Master, visa, AMEX and Union Pay) are widely accepted by all the merchants and hotels except some small merchants


You can bring up to AED 40000 ($ 10890) as cash to Dubai without declaration and hassles, but some reports show it is up to AED 10, 0000 ($ 27226) make sure you check with UAE local embassy if you are planning to carry huge cash, but it is not good to carry huge amount of cash when you visit, carry little amount like $ 300 to pay for your airport transfer or to buy some foods etc.   If you choose to carry cash bring hard currencies such as US dollar or Euro many shops, restaurant and hotels accept this currencies. You will get better exchange rate in Dubai than in your own country you can find many exchange house and banks to change your money

Exchange House and Banks

It is always good to change your money at exchange houses than banks. They don’t have long queue, open later till 9 pm, are available on weekends Friday and Saturday and offer better rate than banks, try to change money at exchange house outside the airport and major tourist destination for better exchange rates ( Al Ansari Exchange & Al Fardan Exchange  houses have good exchange rates).

Most banks are closed on Friday and is open till 5.30 pm, and they charge commission also unless you exchange big amounts, the most popular banks are ENBD (Emirates NBD), NBAD (National Bank of Abu Dhabi), and ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank), Mashreq Bank

Credit Cards & ATM

It is always wise to have some cash as backup in the event of credit card or debit card malfunction, all major credit cards (VISA, Master Cards, AMEX, Union Pay, and Diners Club) are widely accepted in shops, restaurants and hotels , some shops has requirement the minimum  credit card payment should be greater than  AED 25 ( $ 6.81), and also some jewelers will charge you 2.5 % as service charge for gold purchase if you pay by credit card, but UAE government has strict law against this, so if you are asked to pay additional 2.5 % no need to accept just talk about the law.

You will find ATM’s on every corner of Dubai to withdraw cash money for small expenses or tipping, these ATM accept all the major bank credit card, usually there is AED 2($0.54) service charge if you are using any another UAE banks  card, but for international banks it depends on your banks charges approximately AED 20($ 5.4) per transaction

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