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Transport- Getting  Around

Getting Around  in Dubai – Once you are in Dubai, you have to choose some mode of transport to visit attractions, sightseeing, shopping and to move around from your hotel, planning of your transportation in advance make your trip less hassle free, luckily transportation in Dubai is pretty cheap and diverse. Buses, Metro Train, Tram and water taxis are at your service within the city and beyond.

Public transportation in Dubai has improved a lot in past few years, by connecting metro, buses, Tram and water taxi   public transportation system cover most part of Dubai, to use public transport it is required you have to walk a bit more

How to Pay for Public Transport in Dubai

To pay for public transport you should have NOL card – a smart card that enable you to pay for various public transport mode in Dubai with a single card. You can use your NOL card to travel on Dubai’s Metro, Buses, Water Buses, Dubai Tram as well as parking fees. You can enjoy low cost fares and flexible transfers across different modes of transport, Cash will not be accepted for payments to use Metro, Buses and Water Buses. NOL Cards are available in different option the one that relevant to tourist are silver or gold NOL card, you can purchase the silver and gold NOL card from any ticket vending machine located at metro & bus stations and in some bus stop at a price of AED 25 ($6.81/ Euro 6.43) which include AED 19($5.17/Euro 4.88) e –Purse value and can Top Up, gold card will give you the access to gold class in Dubai Metro at premium charges


Fares of Public Transport in Dubai

Fare of public transport is calculated based on the zone you travelled, Dubai Map is divided in to 7 zones. Each zone contains Metro stations, Bus Stations and Water bus Stations. Your journey can be made using different mode of transportation which are located in different zones. At the end of your journey, you will be charged according to the total number of zones you have passed. For silver NOL card within 1 zone you will be charged AED 3($ 0.82/ Euro 0.77), Within 2 adjacent zone AED 5($ 1.36/Euro 1.29), More than 2 zone AED 7.5($ 2.04/ Euro 1.93) for gold NOL card it will be AED 6($ 1.63/Euro 1.54), AED 10($ 2.72/Euro 2.57), and AED 15($ 4.08/Euro 3.86) respectively

Dubai Metro


Dubai Metro is one of the best mode of transport for tourist and residents, Dubai roads are packed with traffics in peak hours Metro will save your lot of times and is convenient for families and elder people, the driverless Dubai metro is safe and clean each coach is air conditioned. Currently Dubai Metro has two lines Red Line and Green Line, Red Line is the main route which connect from Al Rashidiya to Jabel Ali, Green line connect Al Qusais to Dubai Creek .major attractions like Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, and Mall of the emirates are on Red line and have direct access to this attractions from metro station. Dubai Metro operate sat-wed from 5.30 am to 12 midnight Thursday and Friday till 1 am, but Friday starting only from 10 am, frequency of train on both direction is 5 minutes.check the dubai metro station map below this post


Dubai Buses

Dubai Bus

There are some areas that Dubai Metro don’t have services here you have to choose the Buses, and it cover most of the Dubai, travelling in buses is comfortable, safe and convenient but it is quiet time consuming comparing to Metro, most buses route operate from 5 am to 12 midnight but some are 24 hours also, out of the normal hours you have to rely on taxi in some areas, Each bus has a number displayed on the name board with the name of route displayed both in English and Arabic




Dubai Bus route Listbus routes_english_flat

Dubai Water Taxi

Dubai Water Taxi

A relaxing ride on a water taxi is the most popular way to take the scenic route through an exotic location, Dubai Water taxis are more enjoyable considered as touristic exploration rather than your daily needs of transport, but the water taxi route between Bur Dubai and Deira Dubai is used by thousands of residents every day to cross the creek. Water Taxi operate from 2 terminal Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina




Dubai Tram

Dubai Tram

Dubai Tram is a new addition to Dubai public transport system it was opened in Nov-2014, Dubai tram service around the 14.5 km along Al sufouh, Dubai Marina and Jumeriah Beach Residence road, operate from Sat-Thr 6.30 am till 1.30 am, and 9.30 am till 1.30 am on Friday NOL card can be used to pay for Dubai Tram, it is expected to extend further to Dubai down town area soon, and other part of Dubai






Dubai Taxi

Dubai Taxi

By far the most convenient but not always the quickest way to get around Dubai is by taxi, they are a lot, operate day and night, take up to four person and fare are cheap compared Europe/USA and can be easily hired on the streets and malls, we heared the story that most of taxi’s in other part of world is rough and looter the customer, but here in Dubai it is different you are 99.9999% protected in taxi fare and safety, all the official taxi can be easily identified and once you get in to taxi driver automatically start the meter you don’t need to ask him to do so, if he fail to start the meter you trip is free you don’t need to pay anything.flag down rate for Dubai taxi is AED 12($ 3.27/Euro 3.09) and meter run at 1.82($ 0.5/Euro 0.47) per kilometer , price will be higher for airport taxi flag down rate from AED 20($ 5.45/Euro 5.15) . carry your destination address with you to make it easy for driver to reach ,Most taxi drivers speak little bit English, he don’t expect any tip unless he help you in somethings.



Dubai Metro Stations and Zone map

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