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Dubai, is the most populous and well known city in the United Arab Emirates located on the south east coast of Persian Gulf and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country United Arab Emirates Dubai’s landscape is highlighted by sandy dunes and impressive skyline with world tallest building Burj-Khalifa(At 829.8 m), once a small fishing village and natural harbor along United Arab Emirates. Dubai is now one of the largest emirates with population of 2.4 million (updated 28-Nov-2015 )  and nearly 80% are expats, emerged as most interesting tourist and shopping destination of the world. Dubai’s official language is Arabic but English is widely used as second language. Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Taglog and Chinese are also widely spoken

Dubai was settled by 800 members of Bani Yas tribe in 1833 who were attracted by natural harbor that the creek created, took up residence in Dubai creek and occupied houses made from “barasti”(palm fronds). Oil was discovered in the emirates in 1966, money was thrown into infrastructure, schools, and hospitals to build modern Dubai

Dubai has tropical desert climate, summers are extremely hot and humid from March to August with an average temperature 41 ° C (106 ° F) and overnight low around 30 ° C (86 ° F). Most days are sunny throughout the year. Winters are warm and short from November to February with an average high of 23 ° C (73 ° F) overnight low of 14 ° (57 ° F), short and irregular rainfall occur between November to march .The weather between November to march remain warms and considered to be most comfortable climate

Dubai offer large concentration of tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates, and possibly in Middle East It has vibrant and rich cultural history and one of the safest place in the world for tourists and residents, and hold many world records like highest outdoor observation desk, the lift with longest travel distance etc.  10 million visitors are setting foot in Dubai every year and is expected to reach 20 million by 2020, Tourism and trade are the major activities Dubai, and it has been called the “Shopping capital of middle east”. The city draw large number of shopping tourist from within the region and from Europe, America and Far East region, the city is a pioneering model of how people from different part of world can lives together in harmoney





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