Cost of Living in Dubai – How much you can save in Dubai

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Cost of Living in Dubai

Cost of Living in Dubai

The cost of Living in Dubai is expensive same as another part of the world (As per mercer’s 2015 cost of living survey Dubai Ranked 23rd Most expensive cities in the world), it might be interesting that you check out my previous article Living in Dubai.  in this article, I am going to give you an insight on Dubai cost of living. In general basic necessities such as accommodation, Food & Dine in Out, Transportation, Schooling, and utilities. Living cost in Dubai will depend on individual choices, interests and your standard of living in Dubai. So Dubai living cost can vary from individuals to individual but you still need to be prepared financially.UAE currency is known as united Arab emirates Dirhams, one US dollar is equivalent to 3.67 Dirhams(AED) and 100 fils makes 1 Dirham.


Cost of Accommodation in Dubai

This is the single most cost that you are going to shell out from your salary. Most expats in Dubai Live in Apartments due to the availability and affordability. These apartments include 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom, and 3 –Bedroom, Studios, and villas. The standard Apartments in Dubai include separate Kitchen, Center Hall, and bathroom, the balcony is an optional add-on. For studio apartments, there is no separate kitchen and hall, villas and duplex are available in many community neighborhoods in Dubai. But the cost is much higher than apartments.

The cost of renting an apartment in Dubai can greatly depend on the location and age of the building. The cost of a standard 1-bedroom apartment in a prime area close to the city center such as Deira Dubai and bur Dubai starts at around AED 70000 /Year,2-bedroom starting from AED 90,000/Year  and 3-bedroom from 140,000 respectively. While studio apartment price starts from AED 40000 to AED 55000/Year. Whereas area like Dubai Marina (, Down Town Dubai and Jumeirah ( much expensive. The average rental cost for 1-bedroom starting from AED 95,000/Year, 2-bedroom from AED 120,000/Year and 3-bedroom from AED 160,000 as I mentioned earlier all this depends on the age of building and proximity and the view from buildings. Rental costs in Dubai always fluctuate with market trends.


The cheapest area to rent an apartment in Dubai is at International City Dubai. Which was built to provide affordable and stylish living experience. The rental cost for a standard one bedroom start from AED 45,000/Year, 2-bedroom from AED 75000/Year, 3-bedroom from AED 90000/Year and studio apartment from AED 35000/Year. Sharing accommodations are available all over Dubai, the cost of a decent bachelor sharing accommodation start from AED 1000/PM.

There are some additional cost that will incur on your wallet when you renting a new apartment, like security deposit which is usually 5% of total rent and is refundable, Commission which may vary from AED 2000 to AED 7000 based on your real estate agent and AED 2000 security deposit for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and is refundable. And  nominal fees to Dubai municipality for your contract registration and attestation.


Transportation cost in Dubai

Transportation cost in Dubai is fairly cheap comparing to many other part of the world. Either you can choose the public transportation system or your own car. The public transportation system in Dubai is pretty good, which serve most part of Dubai. If you plan to use public transport to commute between office and home using the NOL card (, average monthly expenses will be around AED 250 to AED 350 based on your location, even if you use public transport for your other travel needs, the monthly cost will not exceed AED 600/PM. But if you use taxi’s this can go up, Dubai Taxi flag down fares starts from AED 12 and meter run at AED 1.82/ Kilometer

Owning and keeping a car in Dubai is inexpensive. As there are no taxes in Dubai, the cost of brand new decent sedan car like Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic will be around AED 65,000 to AED 75,000. Whereas same brand used cars (3-5 years old) can be found at the price of AED 25000 to AED 40000.Fuel or gasoline prices are really cheap in Dubai. For AED 60 to AED 80, you can fill your tank, approximately 40 liters and is enough for your one week commute from home to the office if you are staying in Dubai itself. Other costs involved in owning a car in Dubai are car insurance and parking fees. The cost of insurance for the economical cars is around AED 1700 to AED 2000/year   which decreases each year as your cars get older. Parking in Dubai is not free in streets and public places, you might expect to pay AED 2/Hour (Dubai paid parking start From 8 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm) or you can take parking card from RTA which cost AED 2500/Year if you don’t have free parking in your office and home account this cost also to your wallet.


Cost of Food and Dine out in Dubai

Food and drink price in Dubai are fairly cheap. If you cook your own food   Average monthly food expense for a family of 2 will be around AED 1000 to AED 1500. Fresh fish meat, chicken, fruit, and vegetables are available throughout the year for a price that is little cheaper than many parts of the world.

Generally speaking Dine out price in Dubai are fair but if you go to a fancy restaurant in the luxurious atmosphere the price can go much higher, you have plenty of choices based on your budget. The cost of a meal for two at a standard restaurant will be around AED 150 to AED 200 if you dine out frequently account this to your Dubai cost of living.


Utilities expense in Dubai

The cost of utilities is in Dubai is expensive, the essential utilities like electricity, water, The Internet and mobile phones calls, except the LPG gas which is pretty cheap. The average spending towards Electricity and Water bills (DEWA) for a family of two is around AED 400 to AED 700/Month on summer months that’s  from April to August, and up to AED 400 on winter, that’s from October to February. The LPG gas can be either central gas system supplied to your building or you will be buying LPG cylinder and refilling it whenever required. For central gas system you might expect to pay AED 40/PM and the cost of 22KG LPG cylinder is AED 100 which can last up to 2 to 3 months based on your usage.

Another inevitable utility cost that we need to consider is the internet, the ISP here in Dubai bundle the internet with land phone and TV as all in one offer which costs you around AED 300 to AED 350 / month. This package gives you 8 to 16 Mbps internet speed, free calls from Land phone to land phone in UAE and all the basic TV channels, you might expect to pay additional if you want to watch all the sports or your regional channel and a special charge for world cups and other championships matches. Mobile phone calls are charged AED 0.30 (30 fils) per minutes for inside uae, and international calls depend on your country, 1 GB mobile data  cost you AED 100.


Educational and Healthcare cost in Dubai

Educational cost in Dubai are expensive, most of the private school charge higher fees for their international curriculum, Asian schools are generally cheap comparing to British and American curriculum, The average Annual tuition fees for schools starts from AED 8000 to AED 60000 based on the school standard and curriculum, the Average annual tuition fees for college start from AED 25000 to AED 80000.

To know more

Healthcare expenses in Dubai are really expensive, most of the employer in Dubai provide health insurance for their employees and dependents, and, in that case, this cost will not affect much on you. Except the dental treatment which is usually not included in insurance and is expensive. If your employer does not provide health insurance to dependents you need to have a private insurance which costs you around AED 300 to AED 600 based on the coverage, and now a new rule comes into effect that health insurance is mandatory for residence visa starting from JUN 2016.

Now I believe that you also thinking, the cost of living in Dubai are expensive if you have any reverse thoughts or helpful tips put it in the below comment box below.


Entertainment Cost in Dubai

Entertainment and concerts ticket price in Dubai are average comparing to western countries, but other leisure activities and fitness club membership are higher than the average, the cost of a Cinema ticket in Dubai is AED 30, Fitness club membership fees is around AED 300 /Month. Few of the public parks charge AED 10/person as entrance fees. I am sure that at least AED 100 to 200/month will go towards entertainment cost for a family of two.


Domestic help

If you are hiring domestic helpers like maids, gardener and driver is pretty cheap in Dubai, the monthly cost of a full-time housemaid in Dubai is from AED 800 to AED 1500, or if you require only part time the cost will be around AED 30/hour, the same apply to gardener, the cost of driver will be from AED 2500 to AED 4000 per month. Other domestic help like electrician, plumber and carpenter works are done through your landlord most of the times these are free based on your tenancy contract.



In short, the cost of living in Dubai is expensive, but you have the options to choose how you want to live life in Dubai if you properly plan your financials you can save a good amount of money and grow your wealth here in Dubai than any other place in the world. The average living expense for a family of two in a comfort zone (Standard 1 bedroom, Own Car, Utilities, weekend dine out, weekend movies)   is around AED 8000/PM, if you are moving to Dubai keep all this in your mind. now i believe you have a rough idea about how much you can save in Dubai. I hope you enjoyed reading my article, If you would like to know anything more about this topic or any information about Dubai, or any useful tips that you want to share please feel free to put on below box









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